Adapted from the standard Rea Azalea model, the Rea Azalea Tall boasts all the advantages of a reliable, tilting wheelchair but with added support. For additional safety and confidence for the client, the unique Dual Stability System (DSS) of the Rea Azalea incorporates weight shifting when tilting and reclining, to ensure stability is maintained. Pivot points on the chair closely match the natural pivot points of the person, ensuring synchronised movements between the client and the chair, greatly reducing the risk of shear during tilt and recline. It comes with a fantastic Flex 3 seating system, that is designed to be adaptable due to its wide choice of support options, and the adjustment it allows. The standard Azalea can also be easily reconfigured to suit a taller person with the Rea Azalea ?Tall kit?.The adjustable push bar is designed with the carer in mind – it?s adjustable and offers a good ergonomic grip.Frame comes in 5 available colours: Pearl Grey, Azurite Blue, Sand, Happy Red and Electric Green.Upholstery comes in 3 available colours: Black Dartex, Black Plush and Black Spacer.