Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Standard Rental Service – Unicare Ltd.

1.0 For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions the term:

  • ‘Authorized user’ refers to any person authorized by Unicare Ltd to use the equipment / vehicle.
  • ‘Customer’ refers to any person who rents any equipment / vehicle from Unicare Ltd at the agreed rental price.
  • ‘Rental Agreement’ includes the present Terms and Conditions as well as the Rental Document.
  • ‘Rental Period’ shall be the period specified in the Rental Document.
  • ‘Vehicle’ shall refer to any scooter or wheelchair rented by Unicare Ltd to a customer of this agreement. Any references to the ‘vehicle / ripple mattress’ include all of its parts, components, accessories and contents including battery charger or pump.

2.0 If and where applicable, the customer agrees that:

  • Only the customer or an authorized user will use the equipment / vehicle.
  • The customer shall only use the equipment / vehicle in the way in which it is intended to be used on
  • Not allow the equipment / vehicle to be used for any illegal purpose, race, contest or performance test of any kind.
  • Not allow the equipment / vehicle to be used to tow or push anything
  • Not carry any passengers on the equipment / vehicle, or carry a greater load than that for which it was built
  • Not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or have a blood alcohol content that exceeds the legal limit in Malta.
  • Not allow the equipment / vehicle to be used to carry passengers or re-rent for payment of any kind.
  • Not use the equipment / vehicle when it is damaged or unsafe.
  • Park the vehicle in safe spaces, locked and well overlooked by customer.
  • Keep the vehicle keys and charger under authorized supervision at all times.
  • Charge the batteries overnight every time the vehicle is used and switched off when the battery meter shows full charge is achieved. Never use other chargers or current above 240volts. Report any acidic smell immediately if any.
  • Customer agrees that repairs shall only be carried out by Unicare ltd. Customer agrees and accepts that Unicare ltd will not reimburse the customer for any repairs carried out by the customer himself/herself or by any third party engaged to do so by the customer.
  • Customer shall return the vehicle to Unicare Ltd  to the place, on the date and by the time shown on the Rental Document and in the event that it will not be possible for the Customer to return the vehicle at the agreed place and/or at the agreed time and/or the agreed date, Customer shall inform Unicare Ltd and agree to an alternative place and/or time and/or date on the same condition as it was at the commencement of the Rental Period, fair wear and tear excepted.

3.0 Unicare Ltd may request the immediate return of the equipment / vehicle, or Unicare Ltd may re-take the equipment / vehicle without notice, if it reasonably suspects that

  • Customer has breached a term or condition of the Rental Agreement.
  • Damage to the equipment / vehicle, or injury to persons or property is likely to occur; or
  • The equipment / vehicle may be used for an unlawful purpose;
    Customer will also pay Unicare Ltd any cost it incurs as well as all costs and charges under the Rental Agreement for the period up to return/repossession of the vehicle.

4.0 Customer shall be held liable for the loss of, and all damage to, the equipment / vehicle; and for all damage to the property of any person, or injury to any person which is caused or contributed to by the Customer or any authorized user, or which arises from the use of the equipment / vehicle by the Customer or any authorized user. Customer must pay Unicare Ltd 75 % of our retail value including VAT in case of not returning the equipment /vehicle.

5.0  Where the use of the equipment /  vehicle by Customer or any authorized user, or any other person results in an accident or claim, or where damage or loss is sustained to the equipment / vehicle or any third party property, Customer and/or authorized user must:

  • Promptly report such incident to the local police
  • Promptly report such incident in writing to Unicare ltd
  • Not, without Unicare Ltd.’s written consent, make or give any offer, promise of payment, settlement, waiver, release, indemnity or admission of liability
  • On the delivery of the equipment / vehicle for the Rental Period, Customer must settle and pay Unicare Ltd. all charges specified   on the Rental Document. On returning the equipment / vehicle customer must pay any amount for which Customer is liable to Unicare Ltd. in respect of a breach of the Rental Agreement or otherwise. Unicare Ltd. will provide details to Customer of any amount payable under this clause.

7.0   Either party may terminate the Rental Agreement at any time if the other party commits a material breach of the Rental Agreement.

  • Customer may terminate the Rental Agreement at any time for any other reason
  • If the Rental Agreement is terminated early for any reason other than a breach by Unicare Ltd. Customer agrees to pay rental charges that reflect the actual duration of the rental. Such charges may be higher than those that apply for a longer rental period.


  • Pre bookings are confirmed only on receiving 30% of the total amount in advance together with the dates of renting
  • Cancellation of bookings is free of charge until 7 days in advance the rental days. In this case we confirm deposit refund.  We charge 100 % of confirmed rate in case of late cancellation.
  • Punctures or Flat Tires for vehicle carry a charge of 20 Euro.
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