Wheelchair Back Support with extreme contouring capabilities! Provide an extra supportive wheelchair back solution using Shape Technology for contouring to provide postural integrity, pressure relief and comfortThe SuperShape is a seating system that successfully meets individual trunk shapes of users with complex postural needs, and can be fitted and changed anywhere and at any time.Designed for the individual who:Has complex postural needs such as kyphosis, scoliosis, hyperlordosis, etcHas significant spinal or trunk asymmetriesHas protruding skeletal prominencesRisks skin breakdown and has pressure care requirementsRequires greater immersion into back support for stability and comfortRequires torso pain reductionThe contouring of the cushioning is essential to apply intimate surface contact to areas of the body that are contoured. The padded moulding structure is comprised of a three-layered Spex cube contouring substrate. The best result is achieved by creating areas of greater or lesser support with the adjustment of the multiple-layered padded pocket cells.