Physio-Med Ankle Support with Stabilising Strap is a foot support designed to wrap around the foot and ankle area in a way to maximise support, comfort and protection.It protects against the risk of rollover and overextension caused by strains and sprains without causing excessive rigidity.The full length 8-figure support evenly disburses pressure around the ankle for maximum comfort and stability.Hook and loop straps allow the user to adjust the level of support at will allowing for easy adaptation depending on the users? specific needs.Additionally the stabilising strap restricts the ankle from sliding horizontally, complementing the 8 figure straps which prevent vertical instability.Open-ankle design allows the skin to breath and reduces the build-up of sweat and bacteria. It also allows for easier use with trainersCan be worn over socks for hygienic usage, reducing the possibility of skin irritation.Suitable for day long use and is for use in any situations