The new Sonopuls 190 is fast and easy. A device with an extremely fast start-up, a fast way to set-up treatment parameters and a device that gives fast therapeutic results. The compact and ergonomic design, the clear TFT screen and the touchscreen interface are making this small device a big asset for the therapist.Ultrasound therapy is a proven effective treatment method for numerous pathologies. In order to simplify the therapy selection, a number of preprogrammed protocols are stored in the Sonopuls 190. These evidence based protocols provide you with clear instructions and will set the device parameters for treatment automatically.Evidence based protocols – Provided with 25 evidence based treatment protocols, including anatomical representations and clear guidelines for treatment.Programmable – Besides the 25 evidence based protocols you can also store 20 protocols according to your own guidelines.Touch screen user interface – Easy to use by means of a clear menu via a touch screen interface. Extremely intuitive and as easy as a state-ofthe-art smart phone.Programmed for speed – The menu structure is optimized to speed. In most cases you can start a pathology-specific treatment in just 3 steps! Easy, quick and simple.Ergonomic design – The treatment head is made to fit your hand comfortably. A design completely based on functionality and user friendliness.