Apart from the therapeutic effect of pulsed shortwave therapy, as described with the Curapuls 670, continuous shortwave therapy can also be applied with the the Curapuls 970, the real diathermy. By using the different methods of placing the electrodes (transverse, longitudinal or co-planary), or by using different sized electrodes, a thermal effect can be obtained in selected parts of the body. As the continuous output also has a stronger effect in the surface layers, the patient will also experience a strong thermal effectUnit for continuous and pulsed shortwave therapy – The continuously adjustable intensity and the output of 400 Watt provide optimum application possibilities. Continuous shortwave therapy increases the circulation and stimulates the metabolism. The pulsed peak power can be setto a maximum of 1000 Watts. The related average power is, however, much lower. The electrodes – An electrical field can be created with the disc electrodes or the rubber electrodes, depending on the shape and size of the body part to be treated.