The Endomed 182 is a mains-powered, 2-channel electrostimulator for pain management, offering the following current wave forms:? 2-pole Interferential Current (IFC)? 4-pole/tetrapolar Interferential Current (IFC)? 4-pole IFC with Isoplanar Vector? Asymmetric Biphasic Pulsed Current (TENS)? Burst TENSSmart design, smart performance! – The Endomed 182 is the new generation of physical therapy devices. Its advanced software design is smart in its features, functions and usability. The result is a device that empowers therapists to offer extraordinarily versatiletreatment options to patients, with an exceptionally clever way of operating the device.2 Independent channels – Settings for 2-pole Interferential Current (2-pole) and TENS can be equally distributed through two channels (four electrodes), while the intensity of each channel can be individually adjusted.Full color touch screen and graphic interface – The Endomed 182 is equipped with a full colour touch screen and graphic user interface that provide the user with perfect control and a clear overview of the selected parameters during treatment.