Thursday, 02 April 2020 at 10:53:16 by CL:

This thumb brace is a combination between an elastic brace and a custom made thermoplastic orthosis.

It features a NeoTex brace with loop surface and a palmar pocket with a thermoplastic piece.

The thermoplastic piece can be molded individually by using hot water, 75-80 degrees C.

Simply insert the thermoplastic piece in the pocket and pour hot water in it. After approx. 1 min it’s ready for application. Pour out the water and place the brace flat on a towel to absorb all the moisture. Then apply on patient.

The brace is moldable up to 3-4 mins before it sets.

It offers an excellent support to the thenar eminence and the CMC joint.

Size Small

Wrist Circumference is 14-16cm