Comfortable shoe with adjustable closure system and sole designed for wide feet. Easy opening thanks to a curved one piece tongue. Long tongue with adjustable fastening for larger feet.Completely sealed instep. Removable insole that allows the use of an orthopaedic insole. Stylish imitation nubuck leather. Water resistant. Slightly elastic outer fabric for better adaptation to toe deformities.Composition : Polyamide closure system. Outer material: 100% polyester. Insole: Viscoelastic with polyester fibres. Lining: Polyester fibres. Sole: Natural rubber, contains latex.Indications: Very wide feet. Pronounced insteps. Claw toes, mallet toes. Corns, calluses. Hallux valgus, bunions. Nail diseases. Post-operative swelling.Thick bandages. Rheumatoid and/or arthritic feet. Metatarsalgia.