This is a new model based with a more stable frame and improved strapping to provide a more stable option. The orthosis provides a good support for the wrist, hand and fingers as well as the thumb. Over the wrist there is a wider strap with edging tapes that will provide more stability to the wrist. Over the dorsal side of the hand there is a new strap that runs from the ulnar to the radial side of the finger platform. The frame is adjustable and can be adjusted progressively according to the individual need of the patient. The orthosis has been padded with a ventilated and pressure displacing foam material. The attachment for the straps has also been changed to a hook receivable material which means that the straps can be attached anywhere on the outside of the orthosis. The orthosis can be machine washed if a laundry bag is used.Suitable for patients with mild to moderate spasticityAvailable in sizes small, medium and large for both hands