The sling universal 6 point advantage of this sling compared to a regular “Hammock” type sling is it allows the patient’s arms to hang outside the sling. It is a “U” style sling so the patient?s bottom is open so they won’t be sitting on the sling. The sling universal 6 point supports the whole body and head in transfers to/from seated or lying position. This sling also offers a comfortable recline for those with limited head, trunk or hip control. The solid fabric has extra padding for residents with delicate skin.Use this universal sling for patients who are totally dependent, partially dependent, non-weight bearing, very heavy or have limited head control. Use this sling when transferring the resident from the bed to a wheelchair, recliner or shower chair or from the floor to a bed. The large opening also accommodates toileting. This versatile sling provides full head and neck support and can easily be removed or applied to a resident in a seated or supine position. Weight Capacity 200Kg.