Mattress moulded in one section made of viscoelastic foam with memory effect and with an insert in HR foam and POLYAIR® cushion.

Mattress moulded in one section: guarantee for a perfect holding in the cover and compatible with standard and multi-sections bed bases. In surface: the Systam viscoelastic foam is moulded and of very high density (80 kg/m3, medical grade) with shape memory capacity, characterised through its ability to mould the body gently but precisely, guarantee for a better distribution and reduction of pressures (P. Max) on areas at high risk of bedsore. The contact surface with the mattress and thereby contributes to a reduction in the high pressure values.

The Polyair®-Insert grants and effective and localised reduction of transcutaneous pressures. Modular system easy to use through POLYAIR® insert(s) which can be placed for the buttock or heels areas depending on patient’s cutaneous stand. The inflating of the air cells insert is possible without removing the cover thanks to a clever system of access to the valves, which grants complete sealing and mattress’ protection. Rounded corners, easier installation of supports in bed base