Aid in conformity to the Standard EN ISO 10535.Structure made with powder varnished steel. Lifting by electric actuator equipped with mechanical disengage for the emergency descent developed to have the best performance and the less possible energy consumption.The actuator has only push effect to avoid squeezing during the descent of the user in case of the carelessness of the assistant. The handset is connected to the power module by spiral cable, with control buttons with ?constant pressure?. The hoist is equipped with power module having an emergency button, an acoustic indicator for battery discharged, visual indicator of the fault, overcharge and over functioning, an additional button for descent and display indicating the battery charge status.Removing battery pack 24V DC maintenance free.Inner automatic charger with led for charge status. The electric system conforms to the rules EN60601-1 and UL2601. Handle for moving. To the hanger is possible to apply all the type of slings available in our programme. Adjustable sling available in different sizes made of a synthetic material easy to be clean, as specified in the technical sheet. Base with legs opening by a lever to allow the front access for the transfer from the wheelchair, Bathtub, Toilet ecc. The range of lift from the floor to 121 cm. 4 twin wheels at the base, the rear ones with footbrake which allows the passage under the beds and the bases following Rule UNI EN 1970. Reducible frame for easy transport and storage.Load capacity150 Kg. Autonomy: approx. 40 complete cycles with 150 Kg of load (lifting at the maximum height and return to the floor at intervals of 18min every 2 minutes of exercise).Ant trauma caps and bumpers at the 4 ends of the base.All the materials used are biocompatible and hypoallergenic.Colour: Light greyDimensions (cm): 127x60x200h max