First aid kit suggested for 2 to 3 people for home, camping, service cars, small carriers etc.Made of strong tripolymer plastics which is shiny smooth and easy to clean. A neopren seal is fitted to make them dustproof. A wall bracket secure them on any house wall or booth. A better contents settlement is permitted by the internal crystal partitions. The closing security is given by two swivel catches. Contain:1 sterile bandage TNT cm 40×604 sterile gauze pads cm 18×401 cotton wool pack g 51 adhesive plaster roll m 1 x 2 cm3 gauze bandages cm 51 gauze bandage cm 71 sterile compressive bandage mm 80×1001 plastic tweezers1 pack of 10 adhesive plasters1 triangular bandage TNT cm 96x96x1361 pack of 12 safety pins1 sterile compressive bandage mm 100×1203 adhesive dressings cm 10×61 pair of scissors cm 101 guidance leaflet 5 languages1 haemostatic lacet1 pair of gloves1 PIC 3 Pack of 8 assorted wipes