Thursday, 19 March 2020 at 08:15:44 by CL:

Profiling beds are the best choice to provide comfort and ease of positioning to patients and carers alike, but beds that meets all necessary requirements can be prohibitively expensive. The Invacare Accent Profiling Bed is designed to provide four-section profiling with excellent value for money, meeting the highest safety standards to provide excellent care for residential and care home environments. Supplied with full length side rails, this electrically operated bed is an ideal choice when neither cost-efficacy or patient care can be sacrificed.This bed is made with a flexible design, and is fully height-adjustable from 400mm to 800mm to ensure a safe and comfortable working height for carers. This adjustability also makes patient transfers simpler, safer and more efficient.

Width from rail to rail is 1020mm

Width of the mattress area is 900mm

Length from headbord to footplate is 2240mm

Length of mattress area is 2080mm

Height adjustment can be between 400 – 800mm

Backrest angle may be altered between 0 – 70°

Thigh angle may be altered between 0 – 24°

Weight of bed is 64kg

Maximum user weight is 180kg