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You or a loved one may have reached that time in life where due to illness or recovery from an illness you require a hospital bed and mattress at home. Hospital beds can be both manual or electric however electric beds may be easier for most people to use. Our range of motorised beds come with 3 major functions where the patient may raise or lower the head, knees, or foot of the bed. This may help the person in bed to breathe easier and be more comfortable.

Also the bed can be raised or lowered vertically, making it more comfortable for the person working with someone in bed. All this can be done by the patient or carer through the handle control unit of the bed.

Pressure Relief Mattresses

People who have become confined to spending a number of hours in bed due to illness will most likely need a pressure relief mattress, however there any different types of mattresses for hospital beds according to how prone a person is to contracting bed sores.

We at Unicare Ltd supply 3 main types of mattress so as to meet a wide range of requirements put to us by our customers:

Eggshell Mattress Topper

The Eggshell Mattress Topper has hundreds of rounded contours which evenly spreads body pressure and allows you to sleep in comfort. The ripples let the air circulate to keep you cool and stops pressure on your shoulders, hips etc. Simply place the Ripple Mattress Topper on your mattress under the sheet.

Propad Mattress

This mattress has proved itself to be an essential element of a successful pressure care programme fro those people who are at a high risk of developing pressure sores. The foam core has independent, geometrically-cut surface cells which significantly reduce friction, whilst increasing the overall support surface are, thereby reducing peak pressure. This mattress main feature is that it cradles bony parts of the body to give a true relief feel while sleeping.

Ripple Mattress

Ripple Mattresses also known as air mattresses are at the top of the pressure relief range. They work by inflating a section of the cells inside the mattress at different intervals so as to alternate the pressure on ones body. Our ripple mattresses are Grade III mattresses so as to offer high protection for the user.

Visco Elastic Mattresses

Visco Elastic Mattresses soften in reaction to body heat, allowing it to mold to a warm body in a few minutes and quickly return to its original shape once the pressure is removed. These mattresses have been proven to aid in the prevention and healing of pressure sores and to give a good nights sleep to the person using the mattress.

For more information or assistance in choosing the right equipment for you please visit our Products Page. Alternitavely you can Contact Us and we will be more than happy to help.

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