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There is a large variety of cushions available on the market today, but it is quite simple of how to narrow down the right cushion for you. The main features one has to keep in mind when choosing a cushion is Positioning, Balance, Pressure management, function and Comfort.

Client positioning is important so as to aid both in comfort and as a major function of the cushion. The cushion should provide a stable base so as to ensure stability for the muscle structure and reduce pressure off the base of the spine. Also the cushion should aid in the alignment of the spine in doing so decreasing the effects of poor spinal posture.

A number of cushion designs and materials have been created over the years so as to aid in the different needs of patients. Most cushions also come complete with a bi-elastic cover which is waterproof and air permeable.

Foam Cushions:
Foam cushions are the entry level of cushions and are used for patients who have little discomfort while sitting and/or have a low risk of pressure sores. A variety of egg shell foam cushions and propads are available. These types of cushions relief pressure and enhance circulation.

Gel and Foam Cushions:
Gel and Foam Cushions can range in protection from medium to very high risk of pressure sores according to the composition and use of materials. Mainly used for patients who spend a long period of time sitting down, the gel and foam cushion has been proven to aid posture, aid in pressure relief while providing a high level of comfort. The price of the cushion depends on the severity and needs of the patient; therefore it is advised to seek advice from a therapist or doctor before purchasing one of these cushions. Pouches filled with gel are the best choice together with extra wedges to help you with good posture and positioning.

Air Cushions:
Air cushions are at the top of the chain when it comes to cushioning systems. Through their unique fill of air cells they provide maximum pressure relief and comfort while aiding persons who have pelvic or spinal dis-alignment or disorders (such as Scoliosis or Spina Bifida). The cells inside can be moved displaced so as to cushion the areas which are most prone to pressure sores. The disadvantage of these cushions is that one has to be careful not to puncture the cushion.

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