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When choosing a wheelchair, many people have mixed opinions on what they are looking for. For some it is design, for others price; however in actual fact you should first look at your needs and see which wheelchair would meet your expectations in every day life.

First of all you need to choose if it is a manual wheelchair or a power wheelchair (also known as an electric wheelchair) you need, here are some basic things you should know. Manual wheelchairs are split into two main categories as follows:

Self propelled wheelchairs are propelled or pushed by the occupant of the chair. It is best to own a manual wheelchair if you have good upper body strength.

Travel wheelchairs and transit wheelchairs are used in those circumstances where the occupant of the chair cannot propel his/herself. These wheelchairs come with four small wheels to save space.

There are many variations of the basic models such as amputee chairs, light weight wheelchairs and one hand, double hand rim chairs (for occupants who are able to propel themselves with only one hand). Also when purchasing or renting wheelchairs one should also be aware that certain models of wheelchair would include detachable arm rests to make side transferring possible and/or quick release wheels so as decrease weight and storage space required. Detachable and adjustable foot hangers are highly recommended. You might also consider anti-tip wheels.

Power wheelchairs are somewhat straight forward, although many models exist, they all hold the same basic characteristic; they are all propelled by an electric motor powered by batteries. Below are some of the basic aspects to keep in mind:

If you are active and want to be more mobile outside you might consider a power wheelchair if you do not have good upper body strength. We have the right power chair for you.

The control systems are the mechanisms used to control the wheelchair. The typical control is the joystick where the user directs the chair with a joystick attached to the armrest. Other control systems are the breath control (chair is moved by user blowing through a tube), chin control (movement of the chin controls the chair), and head control (movement of the head controls the chair).

There are two main types of batteries for power chairs: gel cell and lead acid (wet cell). Gel cell batteries seem to be the standard. They require less maintenance than wet cell batteries.

Power wheelchairs tend to be heavy so if you live in a building which is set on different floors and you do not have some sort of lift or access between floors and/or somewhere safe to store the chair, a power wheelchair might not be ideal for you.

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